Our Story

A vision for innovative medicines

hannah’s story


Our CEO Dr. Hannah Sore is a medicinal chemist by background with an excellent track record of innovation across academia and pharma, and a breadth of experience from working in business consulting.

Passionate about unlocking challenging disease targets, Hannah decided to leave healthcare consulting behind to focus on developing the next generation of small molecule drugs. Her vision is to create innovative medicines that reproduce the specificity of biologics in the powerful and scalable form of a small molecule.

At PharmEnable Hannah has put together an exceptional team of world-class scientists and entrepreneurs driven by a shared mission: to create revolutionary new medicines.

A passion for chemical diversity

Natalia’s story

Our CSO Dr Natalia Mateu is an organic and medicinal chemist. Her strong chemistry background, with a particular focus on diversity generating methodologies, has shaped the scientific methods that form the foundation of PharmEnable’s unique offering.

Natalia and Hannah met while they were both in the research group of Prof David Spring, working on the development of novel diversity-oriented synthesis approaches. Natalia’s career had already spanned across the pharmaceutical sector and academia, and she had a deep passion for bringing powerful and innovative chemistry to drug development. Hannah and Natalia teamed up to make this vision a reality.