Unlocking a new dimension of small molecule drugs

We design targeted oral therapies against the most challenging biological targets

Life is 3-dimensional, drugs need to be too

PharmEnable Therapeutics is a drug discovery company focused on chemical novelty, diversity and complexity to tackle hard-to-drug conditions. We develop powerful 3D small molecule drugs that are highly effective, and have fewer side effects, against diseases with high unmet clinical need.

Exploring and expanding novel chemical space

We use our proprietary platform to model targets and expand the novel chemical space that can modulate a target, ensuring our molecules are IP-free from the start.

Developing powerful 3D molecules

We build in 3-dimensionality and balanced molecular properties from the very beginning, allowing us to tackle hard-to-drug conditions with increased specificity and reduced side effects.

Creating chemical diversity

We power our drug discovery process with a high level of chemical diversity, enabling the rapid and efficient discovery of multiple chemical series from a small number of starting molecules.

News & Updates

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