Pushing the boundaries of what is possible with small molecule therapeutics

We access the inaccessible with our unique AI-powered platform by designing small molecules with the specificity of biologics.

We map novel chemical space, focusing on chemical diversity and 3-dimensionality to develop life changing small molecule drugs.

Many targets are still inaccessible

CNS | Blood-brain barrier

A significant hurdle for protein and antibody therapeutics to enter the brain is the blood–brain barrier (BBB).

Cancer | Intracellular

mAbs usually recognise cell-surface antigens, whereas most cancer-associated proteins reside in intracellular compartments.

Reimagining small molecule therapeutics through AI

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Current world





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New world


Cell penetrating peptides

RNA therapies


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AI World

Small molecules with Ab-like properties




Explore huge chemical space

Our proprietary multi-dimensional space has been designed to identify the relevant chemical space for hard-to-access targets

Design Unique molecules

Our chemistry data-centric toolkit enables the tailored design of multiple novel series to meet the target needs

Find the right molecules fast

Our multiparametric optimisation algorithm allows us to evaluate different molecular properties simultaneously


Use ligand and structural data to explore vast chemical space.


Populate chemical space through AI-enabled medicinal chemistry.


Identify high-quality, novel, and synthetically feasible drug candidates